Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cruisin' Coron Palawan via 2Go Travel

It's finally time to pack up and get out for the last day of Summer!! It just got even easier to plan a ferry trip.We made it to the Pier 4 North Harbor Terminal at around 3:00PM, about two hours before departure(5:00PM) Traffic wasn't nearly as bad to the Terminal as it was when we drove into the city during rush hour, so it only took about 30 minutes.
                                                                      Get on-board!!!!
The new Manila Passenger Terminal, Pier 4, North Harbor. Now traveler's can avoid the busiest times and skip long lines with this modernized terminal that highlights the best times to catch a ferry.
                                                           Check In Counter Area
As you arrive at the ferry terminal. Proceed to the terminal fee counter, present your Ferry ticket , and pay Php 29.00 then you proceed to Check in counter-once you are checked in you can now go inside the ferry, you don't have to wait long to get off the ferry and the staff will tell you where to go.

    Boarding Area
Check-in took all of 5 minutes thanks to the Pier staff, and we were quickly on our way to boarding gate. it was obvious that we were not the only ones to have arrived early...2 thumps up!!! Compared to the other terrible Pier! I actually found this one to be quite nice It wasn't especially crowded either. YES! no crowds at all.
                                                            "FRONT DESK"
'We're All on-board! on-board staff are there to attend to your every need. And warm smiles will greet you everywhere you go! There are a number of options to keep you and your family entertained while on board, they offer Restaurants, Bars, Music Lounge, Convenience store and even Movies you can watch on-board.
"Convenience Store"
"Bar Deck"
                                                                              View Deck
Food can be expensive so don't order without checking the prices first, at the self-service restaurant or convenience store, If you are on a budget, opt for the sandwiches and soda sold at the Convenience store, or better yet, bring your own food aboard. No one will complain if you eat your own meal at the bar or on the decks.

                                                                        Lobby Area

REMINDERS: Keep your 2GO Tickets with you at all times.Each passenger should have their own ticket in hand as you step on board because an officer will inspect your ticket.

There are electrical outlets in the Lobby that you can use to charge your Cameras, iPad, cellphone etc. Php.10.00 per minute. Cellphone connectivity is usually good between islands with very few dead spots in open sea.

When you buy your tickets, you need to make several decisions. First you need to choose a class or type of accommodation.

State and Cabin these accommodations have their own private bathroom and television. Linen is provided along with basic amenities like soap, shampoo, and toilet paper most passengers prefer to reserve a state or Cabin to sail in comfort.
                                                                     "STATE ROOM"

Tourist Accommodations compose double bed bunks enclosed in a semi private partitions, guests share a common bathroom exclusive for tourist guests.

Mega Value accommodations consist of double bed bunks in air conditioned sections of the vessel guests share a common bathroom exclusive for mega value guests, provided at least two channel television unit

                                                                          MEGA VALUE

                                              " Super Value"
Those who travel on a budget opt for Super Value Accommodations consist of double bed bunks in non-air conditioned sections of the vessel, guests share a common bathroom.The cheapest ticket you can buy!

Buying tickets of 2go Travel, either on the phone or in person, is the easiest way. You can communicate all your needs, and 2go Travel agent can check all the options. 

Another way to buy your tickets is to search online for ferry tickets If you do buy your tickets online, you have to pay with a credit card, and you can receive your tickets at home or office via carrier for a fee, and only if there is enough time by visiting the ticket agents office.Our round trip ferry tickets cost us Php 3,0012.00 tourist accommodation with dinner. For more information you can contact them at 02-5287000 or visit website
                     From the deck of the ferry you will have a perfect view of The Coron Islands
I agree that more people should share their likes and dislikes with management. However, I do find the negative while on board, you will recognize some passenger’s onboard wearing logo sticker of 2go travel on the right side of their shirts, the onboard staff of 2go travel given special treatment to them. I wasn’t surprised because this is not new to me. During the time that were Cruisin’ Boracay last Holy week 2013. We encountered a large groups more or less 15 to 20 persons.As far as I know, this large groups are the one who availed the Tour packages of 2go travel either Corporate package, Students or Barkada Package.
To make story short, dinner is usually served an hour for VIP passenger’s (Large Groups) at the view deck where most of the passengers are enjoying a view of the sea and the beautiful islands of Coron. all of a sudden the two staff approaching in every passengers to tell that temporarily leave the view deck area. huhh…!! Yes!! You heard it right!! It was temporarily closed and re opens after 30 minutes. why????To use the view decks for their VIP guests and have their dinners served. I do not think it is fair! Other passengers on the side heard you saying” (nag bayad din kami ha!big?) I usually do not complain and this is where my experience has been so disappointed. Although not a major fail but, they must have VIP amenities or areas for their VIP guests to avoid this scenario. Aside from that, Dinner for Tourist, Mega and Super Value passenger's an announcement should be made that dinner is starting.I really wouldn't think about standing in line for an hour or longer just to get free meal. I'd rather pay and buy a meal than a free meal that needs to wait! and I think management should improve on this service they do not notice what's really going on! I hope it will never happen again!

All in all we had an amazing time on 2go Travel. Clean with very friendly staff, good drinks, fantastic food and good facilities and also there's a live band that will serenade you during the cruise quite entertaining with good singers. So, Just sit back, relax and enjoy!

More photos my Coron the link below!

IMPORTANT REMINDERS: As you plan your trip and buying your ferry tickets keep in mind that in heavy weather the ferries are not allowed to sail.
2go Travel Schedule

Updated as of February 2015

2go Travel Outlet Metro Manila:

Phone No. : no telephone line yet
Mobile No.: 9223238382
Email Address:
Business Hours: 10am-9pm mon to sun

Phone No. : 404-3411 loc 108 / 536-1833
Business Hours: depends on vessel departure

Mobile No.: 0915-8810099
Email Address: SF Supercommerce Robinsons/SuperFerry/AboitizTS
Business Hours: 9am-9pm mon to sun


Phone No. : (02) 738-8230
Email Address:
Business Hours: Mon-Sat 8AM-7:30PM

Phone No. : H716-0745/46
Email Address:
Business Hours: 10am-9pm m to sun


Anonymous said...

Was it really safe or not scary at all? I have a one way 2go ticket from manila to coron this coming April, good thing going back I got a plane ticket. I am really scared because I heard cruising will take 12hrs travel time in an open water. Was it bumpy?

beachtraveler said...

Hi! Thanks for dropping by. I feel very safe on a cruise than flying. sometimes, a little bumpy! maybe, because we went there during rainy seasons and by the month of April is the best time to go cruisin'Coron via 2goTravel where the weather is mostly dry as it tends to have small waves during the summer months.Don't be scared!it's worth it after a long ride. Enjoy!

Kim said...

Hi! Were you able to arrive on time? The 7AM schedule? I'll be going to Coron via 2GO this Friday and I'm kinda scared since it's the rainy season.

beachtraveler said...

Hi Kim Yes we arrived on time! the ride is a bit wavy but totally worth it once you get there. Enjoy your trip.

Anonymous said...

Hi ask ko lang from coron pier to coron town how long was the travel time? thanks!

beachtraveler said...

Hi! about 5-10 minutes po from Coron Pier to town proper, you can hire a trycycle while Busuanga Airport it takes 30-45 minutes by van.

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